Engine Emission Systems

EGR, DPF, and DOC cleaning and repair services. Whether you have a small leak that needs patching, or need a complete engine replacement, our repair shop is your choice for a complete range of engine services.

Extend The Lifetime of Your Engine

Exhaust gas recirculation coolers (EGR coolers) and diesel particulate filters (DPF filters) and are vital to emission control, as DPFs remove micro particles in the exhaust and EGR coolers cool the exhaust recirculating into the cylinders. These parts can be expensive to replace, but Holmes Welding & Radiator EGR & DPF/DOC repair services are affordable alternatives that will restore the parts to complete working conditions that are as good as new. Or, purchase brand new when supplies are available.

Benefits of Repairing Your Engine System

Better Fuel Mileage and Economy

Restore your engine’s efficiency and power levels with a routine, maintenance cleaning or by repairing or replacing your engine system. Removal of exhaust soot and ash will help the engine run cleaner, improving your fuel mileage and engine performance.

Reduce the Temperature

As the soot clogs the valve, the exhaust gas circulates through the system, thereby raising the temperature around the system. When you remove the valve, it automatically solves the problem.

Improved Performance

Due to less exhaust backpressure, cleaning or repairing or replacing your engine system will increase the performance of your motor! Save money in the long run by ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently today.

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EGR coolers are a well-known fragile point on most diesel engines. Holmes Welding & Radiator is an amazing team of friendly professionals. Honest and clear in their estimates and quality work with a fast turn-around. This is the place to go if you need your EGR Cooler repaired.