Fuel Tank Repair

A clean fuel storage tank means cleaner fuel and better fuel efficiency. At Holmes Welding & Radiator, we repair all types of fuel tanks with a fast turnaround. Our team of experts will clean, repair, or rebuild your steel fuel tanks and aluminum fuel tanks, saving you the expensive cost of replacement. We even have you covered when it comes to fuel tank welding.

Expert, Quality Fuel Tank Repair and Servicing

Holmes Welding and Radiator specializes in industrial tank repair services including inspecting, repairing lining, relining worn tanks, and welding or fabricating damaged industrial, municipal, and commercial fuel tanks. When your tank is damaged, you don’t have the luxury of time. Holmes Welding and Radiator will get you in and back on the road quickly.

Benefits of Repairing Your Fuel Tank

Proactive and Preventative

It’s important to have your fuel tank well-maintained. Any place fuel is stored can have an effect on how your equipment runs. Gas tank rust removal will help prevent clogs, jams, and pump filures.

Avoid Future Costs

Fuel tank lining prevents moisture from entering the engine. The additives in diesel fuel make it vulnerable to water absorption. Holmes Welding & Radiator can apply this lining to protect your fuel tanks from corrosion, moisture, and debris. Further, it will seal any pinhole or hairline cracks.

Quick Turnarounds

Fuel tank welding is necessary to fix significant damage. We provide welding services for aluminum, steel, metal#3, metal #4, and even plastic tanks. Contact us for fast, high-quality service at our facility or on your site.

Eric Hobbes
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I've been using Holmes Welding and Radiator since 1999 and I've had nothing but good things to say about this shop. They've always fixed everything right, the first time and at less than the dealer's rates with better personal service. They can even service plastic fuel tanks!